No-Sew Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Ball Mask;
A Highly Illustrated Step-By-Step Process
You Will Need:
  1. A Cardboard Sheet (at least 6″ by 2 1/2″)
  2. Pencil
  3. Tape (Optional)
  4. Exact-o Knife
  5. Scissors
  6. Black Fabric (at least 12″ by 5″)
  7. White-Out Pen
  8. A Paintbrush With a Black Handle (a skinny one, about 7″ tall)
  9. A Sheet of Cotton Stuffing (at least 7″ by 3″)
  10. Black Fabric Paint
  11. Fabric Glue
  12. Hot Glue Gun
  13. 6 Seed Beads (4 clear, 2 black)
  14. 3 Small Vintage Buttons (1/2″ by 1/2″)
  15. 1 Large Vintage Button (1″ by 1″)
  16. Small Purple Drop Bead
  17. Silver Chain Necklace
  18. Peacock Eye Party Feather
  19. 33″-34″ of Purple Skinny Ribbon
  20. Q-Tip
  21. Nail Polish Remover
Step One: The Base

Take a pencil and lightly trace a mask shape onto the cardboard (If you like, you can use this as a form instead:

Just click on the image, print it out and tape it to the cardboard) With the exact-o knife, slice around the edge and eyeholes until you can easily free the mask from the rest of the cardboard.

Take the sheet of cotton padding and peel off about a third.

Place the mask cut-out over the 1/3 of padding and with the exact-o knife, slice around the outer edge.

You should have a cotton mask replica with thinned edges.

Trace the outline and eyeholes of the mask on the back of black fabric in white-out (it’s really the only thing that shows up. Don’t worry if it bleeds through) Cut inside the lines, and set aside.

With the white-out, trace the outline of the mask, not the eyeholes, onto more of the black fabric. Cut leaving a 1/2″excess on all sides.

Stack padding and cardboard mask on top of the larger fabric mask.

Cut lines in eyeholes, making ten triangles.

Line the eye holes of the cardboard in fabric glue and, pulling the fabric taught and keeping the padding in between the fabric and cardboard, glue the triangles to the cardboard. This will be the back.

Plug in the hot glue gun and let it heat up. Wrap the handle of a paintbrush in ribbon in a criss-cross pattern. Glue the end of the ribbon the paintbrush and let it dry.

Once the mask has dried, apply a line going from the bristles to the top of the handle with the hot glue gun, and place it to the left of the first eye hole. Line the edge and eyeholes of the mask, on top of the fabric with fabric glue and place the smaller fabric cover on top of it.

It should cover up the back of the cardboard completely, but with the paintbrush sticking out of the hole. Line the outer edge with hot glue, going over the paintbrush, and extending down the handle by about half an inch. Line the eye holes with black fabric paint, glueing down any lose threads and making a uniform shape. Try not to let it show on the other side.

Cover the head of the paintbrush in black fabric paint, but again, don’t let it show through the other side. You’re done with the back, now comes the fun part!

Once the back has dried, flip it over and hot glue three buttons on the right hand corner.

Cut a chain necklace into four slightly uneven parts and hot glue them to the bottom half of the back of a large button. Glue a peacock feather above the chains.
Glue the whole thing to the left-hand corner.

Apply black fabric paint over the three button fastenings if they show.

Create a line from the feather to the end of the right hand corner on the top of the mask in black fabric paint.
Gently place the purple bead pointing down with the largest part touching the paint. It should be in between the eyes. Place the six seed beads three on either side, equal distance apart.
Dip a Q-Tip in nail polish remover and get rid of any unsightly glue residue. 

Congratulations! You are now the owner of a lovely masquerade mask!

Wear it with pride.


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