Um… Hi guys

It’s been a while since I’ve written a long post, so I think I’ll take my free time before I go to youth group and tell some strangers about my weekend. (Oh, you know I love you guys)Friday was definitely the low point of my week. I had been studying like a crazy person for my upcoming American History C.L.E.P. test and on friday, it was finally time to bite the bullet and take the test. I had taken two C.L.E.P. tests before, and passed both times, although on the last one, I had passed by a small margin. So, I was nervous but at least I kind of knew what I was in for. I walked into the testing center a little more confident that usual. I had studied harder than ever and really felt like I knew the material. And admittedly, having studied the subject in grade school gave me a false sense of security. Then, the test started. I began to get a little uneasy. America has a pretty long history, and I had focused too much on the insignificant details. I was in trouble. After an hour, my stress level had reached its climax. I had answered each question to the best of my ability and it was time to click on the terrifying button in the center of the computer screen ‘submit test’. I closed my eyes and clicked. 42. There had to be a mistake! Sure, I didn’t expect an 80, but I had studied, really studied. I sat there staring at it, willing it to be a 51. I wasn’t greedy, I just wanted to pass by one point! But finally, I had to get up and except my fail. I had actually failed a test for the first time in my life. By a whole seven points. I had to go face the test administrator so she could print out my score and hand me the proof of my failure. But then, I had to go to the parking lot and face a disappointed mother. Who, strangely enough, was less disappointed than me.

But in a way, it was a good experience for me. I failed, and nothing happened. Yes, I wasted money on a failed test, yes, now I have to to tell my advisor I failed which I am not looking forward to. But realistically, it wasn’t an expensive test. It wasn’t a course. It was just a core class and I can take the test again in six months. I’m just a Freshman still, it’s better this happened now than on my Senior year. That would really have set me back. And now, I’ll just study a little harder and a little longer for my next test, Sociology, but the best of all, that test score doesn’t go towards my GPA.

Now onto happier thoughts.

I got to work Saturday, which was great, I can use the hours. I work for a party space, mainly bussing tables, passing appetizers, serving ice cream, etc. And Saturday, it was a bat mitzvah. (I don’t think I will ever spell that right) Bat mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs are my favorite kind of party to work. They’re during the day so I don’t have to worry about getting a ride at one in the morning, they’re rarely boring, and there is never a shortage of bad music you can laugh about back in the kitchen, and of course it’s much easier to grab a soda (It gets so hot wearing my ridiculous penguin-like catering outfit, complete with bow tie, in the summer). But today, as a welcome change, I was able to stay for clean up and set up. They only need a few of us, and I’m usually one of the ones that gets sent home. I guess the people going away to college are really improving my odds of getting good hours.

I’ve got to get ready for youth group, so I’m going to ill-advisedly publish this without editing if first. Enjoy.

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