I have a confession to make. I love cartoons. I doubt I’ll ever outgrow them. I love reading them, especially Calvin and Hobbes, we have to appreciate the great literature of the early nineties you know. But I also love drawing them. Not only are they a fabulous excuse to avoid both drawing hands and adhering to the basic rules of gravity, but they are a fun outlet for anger and cure boredom. You may be wondering how these amazing uses of this media can be utilized. Not to worry, I’ll show you.Exhibit A:

Ever have a run in with someone you absolutely can not stand? They say something snippy that just gets to you, and you have a great comeback but you don’t use it either because you chicken out, or it didn’t come to you until an awkward amount of time has passed. Later when it starts to eat at you, you draw it out in cartoon format:

This is from my archives. Above you see me (on the left) at thirteen, and snotty girl who shall remain nameless for her protection (right). It was the last day of a retreat. I, in fact was wearing makeup. I had on foundation and mascara which as I was thirteen was probably more than I needed. Snotty girl was wearing an unfortunate shade of blue eyeshadow and blush that was not her color. I knew her for all of three days, and I hated her. She spread a rumor that one of my best friends had come to the retreat with lice which was categorically untrue. The little twerp. I, did not handle the matter well.

Exhibit B:

The more well known use of cartooning, or doodling, or what-have-you, is to give your free hands something to do:

No, that is not an alien flotation devise, it’s a mirror. The little girl is looking at a giant mirror and seeing herself as a teenager. You people.

And finally, exhibit C:

Has a holiday ever come around and you can’t find any cards that are nicely in between sappy and crude? Draw a cartoon and write ‘Happy Birthday!’ or ‘Happy Father’s Day!’ or what-have-you underneath, and stick it in an envelope. It’s all the card makers do, and you pay them three bucks a card. Besides the recipient will usually like it more because you put time and effort into it. It lets them know you care (Seriously, that’s how easy coming up with a Hallmark worthy sentiment is. you can have that one free of charge). But it is more personal, and more fun.

The drawing above is from the Father’s Day card I made my dad this year. The girl on the bike is me.


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