Day One: Driving School

     Today was my first day of Milner Driving School, also known as one of the longest days of summer. I got there at eight. There were about three other people there already, huddled around the end of a long table signing a sheet. The driving instructor told me to sign in, so I joined the throng. Once everyone had gotten there, Mr. Milner handed out tests, telling us it was a new addition to Joshua’s Law. If we failed, our permits would be rendered invalid and we would have to take the first test again. In a year. Needless to say, we were all a little freaked out. But when I saw the questions, I was really freaked out. I had really, really studied for my permit, and did well on the initial test, but this test was different. There were a couple questions that were in the drivers manual, but the rest were either about instinct, or incredibly technical. There were fifty questions total, and if we got more than fifteen wrong, well, bye bye permit. When we were done, they had us trade tests with the person next to us, and then he read out the answers. I got twenty-three wrong. Mr. Milner came around to each person, to see how they had done. Soon, I realized, I wasn’t the only person to fail. He picked up the first test, and asked, “Do you have your permit?” the guy nodded. And Mr. Milner announced to the room at large, “Fail!” On to the next person. He had a permit too. “Fail.” It went on like that for a while. Then, he got to the row in front of me, and picked up a girls paper. She had gotten exactly fifteen questions wrong. She had passed by a hair. “Fail” he announced, and moved on. Then, he got to me. “Do you have your permit?” He asked. “Not anymore.” I answered, glumly handing him my test. “Fail. With the exception of a couple people, everyone had failed. “Well.” He began, grinning, back at the front of the class. “This may just be a record. You’ve pretty much all failed. Ten minute break everyone.”We were pretty much in shock.
     Ten minutes later, Mr. Milner seemed to have decided we had stewed in our own despair long enough, and getting up from his corner desk, where he had been spending his break, he walked over to the white board in the front of the room and let us know break was over. Once everyone settled down in their seats, he announced we could all keep our permits, and the tests were just to scare us.
     As the day wore on, I got over being furious with him for making me think I’d have to wait four more months to get my Drivers License, and actually started to like Mr. Milner. He’s sarcastic and doesn’t like teenagers (so we have that in common) and he doesn’t take crap from anyone, which I like. So, if I can get past the long days, and do well at the written test on Thursday, I shouldn’t have a very bad week.

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