College and Jobs

I got a job! That’s a pretty rare thing for a fifteen year-old, and I’m thrilled. I’ll be working at the Metropolitan Club, which is essentially a party place.

My sister invented a variation on the game ‘truth of dare’ (a game she hated by the way) a couple years ago. She calls it truth or random useless fact. I am currently studying for my ‘Analyzing and Interpreting Literature’ CLEP (College Level Examination… that’s all I know) and I just feel like I’m acquiring more facts for her game. So next time we play (if there is a next time) I think I’ll go with random useless facts. For instance; “Gerard Manley Hopkins favored accented rhyme in his poetry.” Not useless to some people, but I find it very uninteresting.

Yeah. There’s a reason this was not posted. But I still wanted to talk about both of those topics, and I thought it would be a good intro for today’s video, although the second paragraph is no longer relevant. And…. Video!

I think my videos are getting better, but I’ll never really know. They’ve certainly changed since January when I made my first twenty or so. I didn’t even have an introduction back then, because I couldn’t edit to save my life, so instead I just inserted a couple clips of me doing weird things, usually with props I found on my desk. Like these:

 “Huh. What’s in my mouth?”

 “How did that even fit in there?”

 “I think I’ll bite it.”

And these:

 “Ah, look! My scarf! It is flying!”

“Look at me! Am I not fancy?”

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