A collection of belated things

Lately, I’ve been so busy doing nothing that I just couldn’t be bothered to post. I’m terribly sorry. I really haven’t done much lately, with the exception of a little book editing. I’m changing it from first to third person, as well as removing my weaker sentences and lines of dialogue. Oh, and trying to think of a plot. Other than that, my two pathetic chapters remain as they were, although I did lose a weeks worth of work on them. But yes, yes I do realize most bloggers have jobs and lives and still manage to post more often than I do.
Mom and I just came back from  Alabama, where was worked at the College Plus! booth at a homeschool convention. We were there for three days. The first day was just set up, so we had a little more time to hang out in our hotel room and prepare for the rest of the weekend than we did during the last trip. It was nice, and overall the entire weekend was a little like that. It was a small convention. The main note worthy thing that happened during the three days we were there, happened on the last day. I got some disgusting space ice cream. In the video below, skip to 1:06:

The people that brought it also had a sort of mascot that walked around the whole weekend. It was a blow-up pilot that had a head that was not at all proportionate to the rest of him. It was kind of hilarious; every step he took made his head bob up and down like a bobble-head. I thought it would of made more sense for him to have been an astronaut, but who am I to argue?

There isn’t much else to say about the convention. I had a few odd conversations with the occasional extreme-homeschooler (you know who you are) and there was a very cute guy with an unfortunate hair cut in the booth across from us. And we met another College Plus! student. He was there to man an ‘Answers in Genesis’ booth and stopped by on the second day. His name was Adam. I thought it was very appropriate.

I’ve been trying to draw again. This afternoon I decided to make a speed drawing video, because I’ve always enjoyed watching them on you tube. So I got out my old pastels and tried to make an abstract self portrait sing a picture of me from my earlier video:

And did this:

I haven’t finished the video yet, but I’ll put a link up soon. I want to have music in the background, but first I have to find a good song without a copy right. I kind of like my cartoon though. I’m not sure which effect I prefer. Either the cartoony pastel look, or the sketch look of colored pencil in this scene I finished today:

Probably neither.

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