Dorkyness, and Being Sick.

Sunday night I went to youth group, just like every other Sunday. I was dropped off at 4:30, and with a few parting words to my parents, ignored the group of snickering boys (Yes. Boys snicker. I was surprised too.)  and walked into the congested halls of the church. I wound my way back to the hallway that ends in the auditorium, and sat against the wall amongst the other teenagers that were texting their friends. I got out my phone, and made notes for my book; ‘This Will Never be Published, But I Want to Write it Anyway’. (It’s a working title) We sat like this, each of us ignoring each other, until I saw some people starting to go into the auditorium. 

Now, I’ve been a little under the weather (mainly yesterday, I’m pretty much fine now). It started late Sunday night with sneezing, and an uncontrollable runny nose, you know, the very attractive symptoms of a cold. Then yesterday morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat. I know what you’re thinking; Leila, what could this possibly have to do with youth group. Well, I’ll tell you. At first I blamed it on the guy that sat behind me last night during the first part of youth group and sat so far up in his seat that he continually breathed down my neck and at one point snorted at a joke and well, let’s just say it was a bad day to wear a sleeveless top. So when I started to get sick, naturally I was suspicious, but apparently it takes three days between germ contact and symptoms, so in that case I got it at the mall. In any case though, my sore throat’s mostly gone.

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