Valentines Eve

So tonight, even though it is not Valentines Day, my family exchanged Valentines. This is a tradition because; 1. Neither my sister or I have a boyfriend, and 2. Valentines day isn’t strictly for romantic love, it’s also a time to let other people in your life, such as your family know that you appreciate them. And hey, you get free candy. And necessary to any good Valentines Day, are the little gambling chocolates. You know the ones, the little chocolates that could be filled with anything from cherries to toothpaste. Okay, so I haven’t come across a toothpaste filled one, but you can get some nasty surprises. However, Whitmans package each box of their samplers with a treasure map printed on the underside of the lid. This allows you to devise a battle plan. Or in any case, avoid marzipan. They’re genius. Wow. There is very little to say about Valentines Day.

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