Small Groups and Frozen Yogurt.

With my sister’s new job, I hadn’t really seen her all week, so Saturday, we decided to go get some frozen yogurt before she left for a friend’s house. There’s a place we had both been wanting to check out for some time now; ‘Menchies‘. It’s the cutest little place, and the yogurt is purchased by the weight, which is always a good sign. So, V and I walked around, enjoying ourselves and sampling all the yogurt, and then, we got a glimpse of the topping bar. Naturally we hastily finished choosing our frozen yogurt, and dashed over to the toppings. V put a little more thought into her sunday than I did. She picked candies and syrups and such based on what would not only taste good on their own, but once they were all mashed up together. But I had left just about every ounce of reason and self-controll I once possessed at home, so after acquiring a base of chocolate yogurt, I just threw everything colorful into the cup along with it; Gummy Worms, M&M’s, candy sprinkles and just about anything else that had the potential to leave colorful streaks behind in ice cream. In fact, the only thing I forgot was whip cream and cinnamon. An oversight I rectified on my next trip, which was today. Don’t worry, the sugar rush didn’t last long.

Sunday afternoon, after watching too much television and eating half a box of Ritz crackers, I left to wander the immense halls of youth group. After walking around for a while, messing with my phone, to avoid making eye contact with the people inside the circles that had formed, full of kids laughing and talking, none of which I knew, I ran into Kaya (who’s name I’m probably misspelling), a girl I knew from my first week. She’s new too, we met during initiation. We talked for a while; new kids should stick together, and when Evan got there, I asked her if she wanted to sit with us. She agreed, so off we went.

As always, the music was great, and the speaker was inspiring, but I’m here to talk about small groups. As anyone who read the last installment of; ‘Standing Around Awkwardly is Awkward‘, would know, last week I met my small group for the first time, but I only caught the last ten minutes of group time and afterwards I got ditched, which was fine because I wasn’t going to eat dinner there anyway. But this week, I had the correct room number, and even got there early, so I didn’t miss any of the conversation. Being able to join in the conversation for a change, was nice, and I began to feel like a part of the group.

After small group time, the group divided into two. Half the girls went downstairs to get some dinner, while the other half stayed behind to flirt with the guys who were coming up to the loft area to eat their burgers. I left with the first group. They were nice, and we all found a table. We didn’t have a whole lot to talk about, and might not have much in common, but they were nice and inclusive. My parents came a little early though, so I was the first to leave, not wanting to keep my parents waiting in the parking lot.


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