Melted Snow and Organized Art Supplies

The snow day has turned into a hostage situation. Even after four days, the roads are very icy. But, of course that also means no unexpected visitors, so I can stay in my pajamas for a ridiculous amount amount of time. It’s a win-win really.

That was written two days ago. I wasn’t really up to much. Although, I did clean out my art closet, and I’ve still been trying to figure out iMovie, so I combined the two.

Granted, not my best idea, but you work with what you’ve got and what I had was an unorganized art closet and a fun song from the eighties.

The icy snow has begun meting in earnest and people everywhere are discovering that they can now leave their houses. So by tomorrow, we’ll probably start to fall back into our weekday routines. Yes, it will be Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but no one in my family works at a bank, and I’m homes-chooled, so V will be behind a desk doing whatever it is exactly that accounting firm interns do, Dad will be working, I’ll be studying, etc.


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