Life is Beginning to go Back to What I Call Normal, Plus a Little Visit From Six-Year-Old Me.

Hey guys, It’s been a while and I know I said I would write more, but really, you should be glad I didn’t post the last couple of drafts. I was a little sleep deprived, and all I had to talk about was my trip to Target. Not at all interesting or very coherent. You’re welcome. Maybe instead of posting more, my posts should just be longer. We’ll see.

The last couple of days, I’ve been trying to make this blog a little better, a little more professional, and deserving of you, person reading this. Monday, I started a little side blog, called ‘Update Blog’, to fix a reoccurring problem I’ve been having. I’ll be talking about something, then say ‘I’ll post updates with it’s progress’, or ‘I’ll post a picture tomorrow’, then never do, because it doesn’t come up again. So now, I can write posts with my progress on a project, or the picture I promised, on my update blog, and post links to it. If I, in fact, did not explain that with the clarity I had hoped, well, you’ll figure it out eventually. Now, on with it!

With the new year just starting, it’s a good time to start some new things, possibly develop new habits, or learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. One of those things for me is video making. I have iMovie on my computer, and I really want to figure it out, in case I ever get an idea for a one girl show, or ninja movie. So for a little while I’ve replaced my diary with four minute videos. It’s fun, but it’s a little more time consuming than I thought at first. I decided to make them four minutes long, like a Youtube vlog, thinking, that’s less than half the time I already spend on my diary (the days I write at least) and surely that will allow plenty of time for editing. I was wrong. I forgot to take into account my distaste of cameras, resulting in slight stammering, and an affliction my sister and I like to call ‘camera face’ which, in my case at least, is when you see a camera, then feel your face tighten into a thin lipped smile. For a while my only means of reversing this, was to smirk. (There is proof of this in practically every picture since I was six, when I must of decided that either cameras are beneath me and must me smirked at, or are terrifying things that would only go away if I did my best to smile despite my terror. Unfortunately, only half my mouth is a good actor.) See:

Yeah, I’m going with ‘I’m above this.’ This is possibly my favorite picture of all time (that I’m in at least). Maybe because my sister has a pink plastic necklace entwined with her glasses and can’t find the camera:

 But seriously, this proves my point:

This was the year I first began to hate having my picture taken (a stage I’m finally growing out of), but it was also probably the most fun year of my life to date, you just can’t tell by all the surly pictures.

Edits can be found herehere, and here.


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