Happy New Year! It’s 2011. Yay?

Happy New Year! Today’s January first, two thousand and eleven. 1/1/11. The coolest date since 7/7/07, which, coincidentally, was my sister’s fourteenth birthday. And just wait until November eleventh, 11/11/11.

But speaking of time, why do we celebrate a holiday, that’s whole reason for existence is the passing of time? And I use the word holiday, in it’s loosest terms. It’s just odd. And then there’s the song, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ which I doubt many people really understand, but seems to be about remembering that you forgot old friends, and the ball drop, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with anything. A ball drops very slowly, and does not crash dramatically upon impact, but just sits there.

So I file it away with Presidents Day, it’s just an excuse not to work. Unless the way we celebrate Presidents Day drastically changes, and people start giving each other money. “Here, have a Ben Franklin. Happy Presidents Day!” In which case, you go shopping, and can never again call Presidents Day dull.

New Years resolutions
You can’t seem to talk about New Years, without discussing resolutions, and that’s one tradition I can get behind. People resolving to do things, little or big, to try to make themselves or their situations, a little better in the coming year. This makes sense, and I like it. I’m more of a birthday, new school year, or when I think of it, resolution maker, but I’ll usually come up with a thing or two for the new year as well. This year, it’s to write more. This will probably end up filling up my draft box with nonsense, but I stand by it.


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