Hey guys. I drew a shoe:

Theme music! . . .   Oh. . . I don’t actually have theme music. That’s unfortunate. Moving on. Today, I saw the movie ‘Tangled’ with some friends. It was a great take on Rapunzel, and I have always been a huge fan of Grimms fairy tales, but still, an audience adds a little something to the experience, and this one was made up of mostly little kids and their parents so a lot of the more noteworthy things were contributed by them. For example; in the middle of a sad, dramatic scene, in a theatre so quiet you could hear a pen drop, a little boy remarked, “He’s dead.” very matter-of-factly. Almost the whole audience (myself included) began cracking up.

The two hours flew by, and once the credits started rolling, some little girls in dresses began twirling down the isles holding their parents hands, but most of the audience stayed behind in their seats to watch the credits roll by. As credits come, they were pretty adorable, and after they had been rolling for about ten seconds, the projector treated us to a brief shadow puppet show. I don’t blame him. I can’t imagine sitting through so many showings of any movie, no matter how funny and adorable.

Is it just me, or do most of most of my post seem unfinished?



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