Christmas Eve

I don’t really have time to sit down and write today, but I’m overdue for an update post. So, let’s begin.

1. Wednesday was the last day of my internship. It was just a normal day. I went in, gave Stuart a cheesecake (to replace the one his brother didn’t give him) and the owner of the company, the one that hired me, a gift card. Every morning he buys a bagel, always from the same place, so I thought it would be fun to get him a twenty five dollar gift card there. When I gave it to him, he read the card, and thanked me, but about ten minutes later, he found me and said, “Thanks! This is actually a great gift!” To use the words of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, “Alway’s the tone of surprise.” He probably saw me give Stuart a cheesecake, and then didn’t see the gift card I attached to his card. Very understandable.
The rest of my time there, was spent wrapping more gifts, filing, more filing, and then running out of things to do and cleaning things in order to look busy. Because it was everyone’s last day before Christmas break, so there wasn’t much to do, and everyone left early. Before I left, Cindy gave me this:
It’s an adorable ornament and this amazing trail-mix that is three parts chocolate, and one past nuts, just so it can still be called trail-mix. And yes, I did paint my nails in candy cane stripes. 
2. Christmas cookies. V and I made Christmas cookies Tuesday. We’re thinking about making it a tradition, and I’m thinking about making cookies my preferred artistic medium. Because I mean really, it is the most fun you may ever have doing anything artistic. And yes, it is artistic, see;

 I gave this one to Cindy, because she would appreciate a snowman with a pipe.

 Yes. I did make that bow on top of the tree with icing and a ziplock bag. Be impressed.

 In case my icing handwriting is as bad as I think it is, this says, Christmas T-rex. Those were only a few of the cookies I made.

3. It’s Christmas Eve! Have a great Christmas!


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