Hey guys. The last time I posted, was on a Thursday, but it was about Tuesday, so I really haven’t posted since Tuesday. That is a horrifying oversight, and I’m sorry.

This was my Wednesday:

Instead of going to my internship, I went to work with Dad. A film crew was coming to shoot some footage in the hotel, and he thought it would be crazy, and that it would be a good idea for me to help them out. It sounded like a blast to me, so I agreed to it. I called Stuart, and told him I wouldn’t be coming to work. I had heard him have these conversations with other people that work there, and he always asks for a reason, but to me he just said, ‘no problem’, proving, once again, how little I’m needed. I guess it’s good to know where you stand with people, but still. Ouch.

Once Dad and I got to the hotel, we parked in the parking structure, and took the elevator up the the ground floor, where his office is. When we got off the elevator, we ran into the film crew. They had taken the wrong elevator, and were a little turned around.

Once every one had found the right floor, and had begun setting up, Dad and I went up to the eighteenth floor to join them. I met a girl named Callie (If that’s how she spells it) and she handed me a stack of table cloths to iron. While I got started with that, Dad went back downstairs to his office.

Ironing took up a surprisingly large chunk of time, but once I was done, I was satisfied that each table cloth would look it’s best for it’s fifteen minutes of fame.


I also got to clean a bowl in the set right before they filmed.

Dad and I were about to leave for lunch, when someone in the film crew came up to me and asked what I wanted for lunch, because he was going to make a food run. I’ve been an intern for a month, and no one’s ever asked me that, so I really appreciated it. But Dad and I still went out to eat. But we came back to watch about half the filming. It was pretty cool to see all the scenes that will be cut, but it was a slow process. Afterwards, Dad and I went down to the parking garage to get our skates out of his car.

I had a great time ice skating. Dad left after an hour, but I stayed for an hour and forty-five minutes. I skated non stop, and I really think something clicked. Not only is that the longest I’ve ever skated without stopping, and my legs weren’t very sore. And ever since then, I’ve seized every opportunity to skate.


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