An announcer stands in the middle of a boxing ring. His voice booms through a microphone projected towards a screaming crowd. “In this corner, weighing in at approximately, she won’t tell us, Leila ‘the wrapper’! Aaand in this corner, weighing at anywhere from thirty to forty pounds, this clay urn!” I can’t continue this boxing simile. All I have to work with; is a scene from the first Spiderman movie. So there I was. Alone in the conference room, staring at an immense urn and a cardboard box. But, I couldn’t stand there all day. So I got to work. I went back to the avalanche closet to locate some packing peanuts. I grabbed the half full bag from the shopping cart, and headed back to the conference room. I didn’t think it would be enough, but you never know. Stuart was back; he had put the urn in the box with some foam, and was staring at me, as if to see what I’d do next. But I ignored him. Maybe he’d go away. Little kid logic. I started pouring packing peanuts around and inside the urn. I had only filled the box halfway, when I noticed a few of the peanuts coming out now were brown and shriveled, and gross. So I dug them out of the box, and looked into the bag. I found an old diet coke can in the bottom. Gross. I threw the bag away with the small layer of gross peanuts inside. Luckily, there was another bag in the closet, so I went to go get it. When I came back, Stuart was gone. By the time he came back, I had finished filling up and sealing the box, and had hefted it up onto the table. He seemed to have decided I could handle it by then, so he pretty much left me to my own devises, and I appreciated it.

After that, it took me about half an hour to wrap it. The main reason, was that it was more time consuming to turn over. It was very heavy, but more than that, it was fragile. And it would of looked better if I didn’t have to tape two long pieces of wrapping paper together, to make it wide enough. I made it work though, and it really did seem like I was wrestling with it. But, at least my boss liked the end result. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, but a good day. I wrapped some more presents, got a good bit of fabric filing done, and when my mom came to pick me up after work, she, my sister, and I went out to lunch.

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