Tooth Dust and Jackie O

This morning I had an orthodontics appointment, so I had to get up early, even though it’s Tuesday and I’m on Christmas break. Last night I picked out an outfit and laid it out on a chair, but being barely awake, I forgot about it this morning and went to my closet. Eventually, I remembered and got dressed.

Mom and I ran a few errands, then went to the orthodontist’s. I signed in, grabbed my chart, and went on back to get rid of my coffee breath. I spent the rest of the half hour trying to ignore the people with their hands in mouth spreading slobber all over my face. I’m fairly accomplished at ignoring, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t wish away the hygienist that thinks I’m three, and calls me ‘baby’. Her, I kind of want to bite. But what was by far the worst, was after the braces tightening the orthodontist filed two of my teeth down with that horrible drill all dentists and orthodontists seem to have. The taste of burnt tooth still lingers in my mouth, and the sound is still echoing in my head. He always says, “It’s just like filing your nails.” He lies! It’s like ten nails on a chalkboard times three people scraping their teeth on their forks to the tenth power. Yeah. It’s that bad.

But then I came home and drew. So it’s all good. I copied a picture of Jackie O freehand. Wanna see? No? To bad. It’s my blog.


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