I Accidentally Flirted With a Guy While Eating Lunch. How Was Your Day?

Today, after church, my family and I went out to lunch with some friends. All was normal, until my mom randomly waved at me. So obviously, I waved back at her in the same, slightly creepy way. It was then that I realized the guy sitting in the booth in front of me had turned around and was grinning at me. I thought about telling him, “I was so not flirting with you.” But I couldn’t think of a way to say that, without being incredibly rude and/or hurtful, plus, I was sort of melting into my seat (a condition caused by a more than average amount of embarrassment) so, I kept my trap shut. The moral to this story is, of course, never poke any sort of fun at a parent, because they can embarrass you without doing anything. I know what you’re thinking, “How can I develop this amazing super power?” There is no way you can get it until you have a kid of your own. I have tried.

While we were eating, little wet snow flurries began to fly, thick, fast, and horizontal. I live in the south, where everything stops for snow. We get a little snow each winter, but it seems like no one ever expects it to happen again. There are two ways people deal with this crazy anomaly; they either stay inside and go absolutely nowhere in fear that there will be a blizzard and they will get stranded, or run around like chickens with their heads cut off, stocking up on bread and milk. It’s actually kind of hilarious.

The snow slowed down fairly quickly, and soon you really couldn’t even feel it. The real issue with the weather, was the wind. It was already cold outside, and the freezing wind that just bit through you, added insult to injury. It seems to have a malicious distain for people that part their hair.


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