Legos and the Avalanche Closet

I’m not a good juggler. Every time I get busy, I end up dropping something, usually without realizing it at the time. Yesterday was one of those days. I completely forgot about piano lessons. It wasn’t until one o’clock this morning, that I realized I forgot. That’s been happening a lot lately. One day I’ll forget to do my Mandarin lesson, typing, and you may have noticed, I haven’t done a craft Monday in a while, but once my internship is over, I’ll start it up again.

Wednesday’s a work day, so I woke up at seven thirty, to the persistent tune of my iPod (My alarm clock is busted) but couldn’t seem to drag myself out of bed. But fairly soon, Mom came upstairs and made me get up. So, reluctantly, I did.
Dad took me to work at nine o’clock. I fell asleep on the way there. I can’t help it, the highway just makes me sleepy. I got there early, and came in just as Stuart did. I went to the back room with him, and he gave me a job. I got to make envelope liners for their christmas cards to send to clients. It was pretty tedious. I didn’t really mind though.
While I was making the liners, I got a text. I thought it might be from Mom telling me she couldn’t pick me up or something, so I read it, even though I was at work. But it wasn’t from Mom. It was from V. She had figured out how to get through a door on a Harry Potter Lego game we both have, and was very excited  about it. I couldn’t answer it for a while, but it made me smile.
In a new job, it’s important to figure out any dangers to your health or sanity as early as possible. And in this case, one of the main dangers, is something I’ve dubbed, ‘the avalanche closet’. It’s a supply closet, that’s so packed of ‘supplies’ that you can’t touch anything without sending an avalanche of pillows and cardboard boxes down on you. Today, I had to find the perfect size cardboard box for something Cindy had to send to a client. It took a long time to find, but finally I found it. While pulling it out of the hole it was stuck in, it send three pillows down on my head.
Once I got the box, and found the packing peanuts in the shopping cart in the middle of the avalanche closet, I had to pack it and seal it before I could get back to making the envelope liners. So, I had to find the packing peanuts, wonder why they were in a shopping cart, then pack them around the book. Mixed in with the packing peanuts, were dead flower petals, and other random things. It got to where I really didn’t want to put my hand in there. But I got it done.
I was only working a half day, so it wasn’t long before Stuart came back to tell me Mom was waiting for me. So I grabbed my purse, stole a piece of cake for my sister, and headed out the door. 

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