Well, it’s Monday again. Back to work. Oh, great. Now I’m singing, ‘High ho! High ho! It’s off to work I go!’ over and over in my mind. Oh, ear worms, you make life so interesting. Okay, self, serious mode.

This morning when I walked into the office, I began, as usual, to look for work to do. First I went to the little back office, where ‘my desk’ is, to put my purse in the filing cabinet, and ask Stuart if he had any filing for me to do. (Some of you might be thinking, wait, she put her purse where? There is a nearly empty filing cabinet that I found while filing one day, and started to put my purse in. Because I am paranoid, and like my purse) But today, Stuart wasn’t at work, so I went to the fabric room, where I spend most of my time when I’m working. But as it turns out, at ten o’clock, while I’m usually filing random paperwork and bagel receipts, everyone else eats breakfast in the small fabric room, completely clogging the system. So I wasted some time. I wasted it in a strange way; wiping a sink dry only to then wash my hands, going to the back room to see if the purple chair still squeaks (it does), and in general, spending fifteen minutes doing things, without doing anything.
Once everyone cleared out, I went back to the fabric room, and sorted some fabric samples. The crazy system they have is actually starting to make sense to me. I don’t know whether to be glad I’m finally beginning to be more efficient, or worried that the crazy is rubbing off. I’m sticking to the first one.

All the sorting took me about an hour, but after that tedious work had numbed my brain, my boss came into the room with a package. It was a present for a good friend of his that lives in Memphis. It was an Elvis book. He told me to wrap it. I did, and I thought it looked pretty good. But, when he came back into the room and saw the present, he told me it was the best wrapping job he had ever seen, then Lindsey and other Lindsey began to have a conversation with each other about how I could have made the bow (they do that a lot). I’m pretty sure I just said, “I like to wrap things.” Or something equally as lame.

Well, congratulations! You’re still here! You don’t win anything. Sorry.


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