Peacocks and Sheets; A Work Tale

I have two bosses, Stuart, my immediate superior and Mr. T. (sorry, abbreviation necessary) every one’s boss, and the owner of the company. I don’t do a lot of desk work, but when I do, I use a desk near Stuart’s, and if no one is talking on the phone or swearing too loudly, he’ll usually start a conversation. Usually about Glee, school, or his parents. But Friday, I had to go online shopping for Mr. T. Stuart was there, checking his email, and a package came for him. It was from his older brother. He got all excited, because every Christmas, his brother sends him some gourmet dessert in the mail. Usually cheesecake. He opened it, and pulled out the present inside. A plastic hanging plant with colored lights on sticks, stuck every which way into it. Batteries not included. He stood up and exclaimed, “How many times do I tell people, don’t send me anything I can’t eat or kill! I have a small house!” As I wondered what people had sent for him to kill, he launched into a story about his other brother, the younger, the terrible gift giver.

Stuart’s younger brother comes into work at five in the morning, so he can get his work done early, and spend the rest of the day watching the home shopping network. He was addicted to it, and every Christmas, he would buy all his gifts off it. And two years ago, he gave everyone the same thing; a tacky glass peacock. Stuart got one, and couldn’t think of anything to do with it, other than bringing it to a gift exchange. So that’s what he did. Because he’s a designer, everyone fought over it, thinking it must be fabulous, if it was Stuart’s. Then his older brother, gave him his glass peacock to get rid of.

Then he went to lunch, so I have no idea if there’s more to the story.


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