An AWANA-less Wednesday, In Which I Clean All The Things and Wrestle Epically With a Fifty Pound Bolt Of Fabric

I know it’s a little long, but it’s a working title. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Can you believe it! Aside from having to wake up at five o’clock in the morning tomorrow, I’m very excited! Last night, all four of us (Mom, Dad, V, you know the drill), went shopping for gear. For me, that meant walking shoes, and these cool, kind of weird, black stretchy pants, that I absolutely love and will probably wear to everything even when it’s not remotely appropriate. But not to work.

Speaking of work, my internship has been going well. Today was my last day until next Wednesday, and it was cleaning day. Cleaning, I can deal with, it’s my lame superpower. It’s like my sister and air hockey:

But, even lamer. But, there really wasn’t anything exciting going on at the office. I mostly cleaned all day, but I also answered phones, sorted fabric samples, and had an epic battle with a bolt of fabric.

Once I finally got that stupid six foot tall bolt of fabric on the table, I felt like posing over it in a dramatic fashion, like a matador over a bull, but some people needed the room, and I had to go. Really, the only other noteworthy things that happened all day, were, getting to tell a grown man his mother called, and wants him to call her back and, my boss telling me, that if I ran out of paper towels to clean the refrigerator with, to let him know, and he would supply me with the fabric samples he no longer likes. Well friends, that was my day. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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