Six Months

Today marks the six month anniversary of Actual Chocolate. Or, halfiversary. I thought about baking brownies, but we don’t have enough cocoa powder, so here’s a cookie:
Enjoy. First topic of conversation; my internship. Friday, was the first day of my internship. It was supposed to just be a meeting, to decide on the terms of my new, unpaid job. We talked for about ten minutes, and then Mr. Tople said, “You can start today.” So I did.
The day didn’t go very well. I had jobs like, answering the phones, filing, and scanning pictures into the ancient doorstop of a P.C. in the back room. The filing was easy, but answering the phones, was the absolute worst. I would get so flustered, and forget the name of the caller or the person they were calling for, and I just felt so incompetent. And there was this jerk that called about five times, asking for all sorts of information I couldn’t give out, and just acting like he just couldn’t fathom the depths of my stupidity. Over all, it was an unsuccessful day. All though some people were very nice, I kept picking up this cold vibe. I don’t really want to go back tomorrow. I feel like I’m just too young and incompetent. The fact that I’m not being payed, helps with the guilt, but is yet another reason I don’t want to go back.
And now on to a happier subject; ice skating. I had a great lesson yesterday. It was my first lesson with my new skates, and I saw definite improvement. Unlike the rental skates, they actually fit, so I was a lot more stable. And because I wasn’t worried about falling, I could work up some speed. I feel like I made some progress. There won’t be a lesson next week, but there will be a class party. We can each invite a friend, and it’s free skating, and skate rentals. I think it will be fun. Tune in tomorrow, and there will (hopefully) be a craft Wednesday post.

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