Notebook Refurbishing

I still haven’t found my camera charger, but I’m going to start Craft Monday’s anyway. For now, I can take pictures using my web cam.

This first project, is inspired by a bigger project that’s been in the works, for eleven years. I started keeping a journal, ever since my parents began homeschooling my older sister. I couldn’t even write yet, but I needed something to do while my sister was in school. My first journal, was a small, deep purple notebook, with a picture of Pegasus on it.
It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. It even snapped shut. I filled it up with colorful drawings, of who knows what, and runes of my own invention, and I was very proud. Since then, I have written in twelve journals, if you don’t count school notes, which I don’t. About a week ago, I decided to put them in order, and type them up. It was a bigger project than I realized at the time, but it’s been fun. Apparently, when I was eight, I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I do not remember the writer stage. I remember wanting to be a painter, ballerina, work in a grocery store, and even be a professional shoe and nail polisher, but I don’t remember writer.
During the categorizing, I found a large red notebook, with only one entry. It was papered with stickers, doodled on, and pretty much destroyed. I figured I could still use it. But how could I make it prettier?
This is actually the back. I forgot to take a picture of the front before I started, but believe me, it was much worse.
You will need:
-The aforementioned notebook.
-Fabric paint.
-Any kind of sponge, or fan brush.
-Scotch tape.
-Paper cut out (optional)
-Nail polish (optional)
Scrape off any stickers, or at least, as many as you can. Then, pick out your fabric paint. I don’t recommend regular paint, because it won’t cover up any weird textures caused by stickers, or baring down to hard while writing. But the 3-D quality of fabric paint is very forgiving. You can use of color, or as many colors as you would like. I used sky blue and lime green. Take some tape, and tape up the edges of the paper. Even though fabric paint usually peels off easily, it’s extremely hard to get off the thin pages. It will fuse them together, and in general just be a big pain.
Squirt out a generous amount of paint, in the middle of the book, and spread it out evenly. Keep adding paint, and spreading it, until you like the consistency. If you think it looks a little boring, get a piece of scrap paper, and draw, or trace a design. I chose a leaf:
If you would like to use it, just click on the picture. It will come up in a new window, and you can print it out and cut around it, to make a stencil. Once you’ve got your paper cut-out, give it two coats of nail polish, to make it shiny. Then, if the paint on your notebook is still wet, put it where you want it, and apply light pressure. If it isn’t, just glue it on. Once the paint dries completely, flip it over, and paint the back There you go. A new notebook. (It’s much brighter in person).
And now; mistakes I made, and how to avoid, or fix them.
-Getting paint on your seasonally inappropriate reindeer pajama pants.
This one is obvious, just don’t do it. Be careful. To fix the problem, I recommend washing the pants, picking at the paint, and continuing the cycle until you get results. No fabric paint is really permanent.
-Getting paint on the edges of the pages, fusing them together.
There are to ways to avoid this. The first one, is taping the edges, the other, is to put a large paper towel right under the front cover. As for fixing it, use a letter opener to separate the pages, but the color might never go away.

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