New Segment?

I’ve been thinking about doing a crafts section on Mondays. The idea is, taking random junk you’ve had for years, and just don’t know why, and using it to make something useful, or just attractive. Not for environmental activists, but for the people sitting in their houses right now, whining “I’m bored!” or “Why isn’t my date here yet? It’s been four hours!” And, everyone that thinks life would just be better if everything was prettier. (I’m the latter).

This is something I’ve been doing ever since I could be trusted with crayons, and still do it now. I would have to wait until I find my camera charger, so you can see the before and after shots, but here’s what I’m thinking the format would be like:

Name of the thing that should be prettier

Picture of the ugly item


Instructions, and idle chatter, possibly about squirrels.

This part will be known as, ‘Don’t do What I Did’, where I will list what I did wrong during this project, and explain how I could have avoided doing it.

Picture of the finished product.

This is where you applaud.


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