Operation Christmas Child

A while ago, spring, I think it was, I spilt Coke on my computer. I could have kicked myself. I was home alone, and freaking out. All I could think to do, was flip my computer over as quickly as possible. I ran around the kitchen like that, with my upside down computer in my arms, until I could think of what to do. I don’t remember what I did next. I guess in my mind, I just keep running. But somehow I managed to get most of the Coke out. All I know for sure, is I didn’t get it all. After about a month, it had developed into this sticky syrup, that messed up some of my keys. I’ve mentioned my sticky keys a couple of times before, but today, thanks to my amazing mom, my computer is healed. And now my ‘n’ key works without putting all my weight on it. I kind of want to say something cheesy like ‘it’s one small step for me, one giant leap for my computer’, or something equally as lame.

Today, in AWANA, it was Operation Christmas Child day. For the Cubbies, that means, Cubbie Bear’s birthday. It’s the main event for the Cubbies. Cupcakes, banners, the whole shebang. It’s actually really sweet. It’s Cubbie Bear’s birthday, and Cubbie gets so many presents, that he decides to give them all away to the underprivileged kids, via Samaritans Purse. And he asks the Cubbies (the puppet ‘whispers’ it to the Cubbie director) to help him by unwrapping all his gifts for him and packing them into shoeboxes.

Most of the kids got really into it. But one boy said loudly, “Cubbie is fake, he can’t have presents!” On the whole it went well though. We divided up into the same groups we have for verse time. We didn’t have time for verses though. My little group of four, seemed to have had fun unwrapping all the gifts. But, they did seem a little disappointed when a present would be soap or a toothbrush. Unwrapping and packing, used up most of our time. The rest of the time was spent playing ‘pin the tail on the elephant’ in which, one boy, after having the blindfold tied on, said, “But I can’t see.” We also played musical chairs, and watched a classic. A VHS of The Toy That Saved Christmas. It was like going back in time ten years.

One kind of odd thing about this nonpaying job, happens when a little kid looks up at you, and says, “I have to potty.” Then you have to walk them to the bathroom, and wait outside the door until they’re done. It seems weird to just stand there staring at the door, and even more awkward leaning on the door. “Don’t mind me. I’m just leaning on the bathroom door.” What I usually end up doing, is slowly pacing the length of the door, with my hands behind my back. It makes me feel like an armed guard in a spy movie. But armed, only in the sense that I have arms. That’s about it for me me tonight. Why do I suddenly want to say “Bye y’all!”  in a Southern accent? (She asked to no one in particular).


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