Mavis Keeps Killing My Dragon

It’s no secret that I love dragons. In fact, I love all fictional magical characters: elves, hobbits, dwarves, wizards, centaurs. You know, all the things you can find in Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, or anything from that genre, but especially dragons. Because they are awesome, I sketched a dragon, and made it my desktop.

Yeah, It’s awesome. But anyway, I have this typing program called ‘Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing’. Yes, it is a stupid name, I am up to forty WPM though. But every time I ex out of the program, my desktop changes back to the original purple thing, my computer came with. It’s really odd. The only thing I can come up with, is that Mavis has it out for dragons. Who doesn’t like dragons? Aside from Saint George, of course.
I’m trying an experiment. I changed my desktop, to a drawing of a blue monster eating a chocolate bar, that I drew on my paint program. So tomorrow, when I have to practice typing again, I’m going to find out if it’s just a weird glitch in the program, or if Mavis just hates dragons. I’ll keep you posted. This has been the random ramblings of Leila. Thanks for reading!

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