Greetings, friends and enemies! It’s November! If you can believe it, another Halloween has come and gone. I decided a while ago I wasn’t going to trick or treat this year. But I found a loop hole, and her name is Larkie. For the purpose of this post I will call her L. She is still young enough to trick or treat, and Roxy (her sister) and I got to take her trick or treating this year, and I discovered it can be almost as fun as trick or treating yourself.

L was going as a cat, but Roxy and I didn’t dress up. Unless, you count me taking my sister’s Nerf sword. I only took it, so I could be L’s armed guard. And if it came to that, I guess you could count Roxy’s flashlight as a weapon, so were both her armed guard. I do like symmetry.

After assuring our parents, that we each had a flashlight, and realized cars were dangerous, as well as having two cellphones among us, and would be fine, we headed out. It took us a little while, but we managed to establish a system; we would all walk up to a driveway, and L would walk up to the house and knock on the door, while we stood near the end of the driveway, so we could see her, and be sure she was fine. It worked well. It continued on like that for a while, and nothing really out of the ordinary happened. We saw three dogs in costumes; a fish, a chicken, and a something or other. And occasionally saw a cute toddler in a cute costume, but that was about it, until we turned a corner and saw a group of teenagers. I would say they might have been a couple years older than us, but that’s it. The seemed to be playing a version of laser tag, but with plastic guns. We walked up to them, on our way to the next house. One girl darted behind me, until she was pretty well hidden behind both me and Roxy, who was kind of frozen near the middle of the driveway. The girl started shooting at one of the guys, who called out “No hiding behind children!” She didn’t respond, but someone on her team yelled “This kid has a sword!” I don’t remember what I said, but I wielded my sword ferociously, and said something sarcastic. The first loser replied by yelling “She’s on our team!” But I still had a job to do. I ignored him and turned around to watch L walk up to the house. By the time she was back and we turned around, they were gone. Roxy did not take too kindly to being called a child, and I can’t blame her. I wasn’t thrilled myself, but those jokers didn’t mean anything by it, and if they did what does it matter?

So we kept going. The waiting in the driveway got a little dull, so Roxy and I began amusing ourselves. It started by moving to the middle of driveways, so we could still see L, and dancing with our flashlights, and in my case, practicing my ninja moves. It slowly escalated, and eventually I was quoting Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter to passers by, or laughing maniacally.

Once an hour had passed, I got a text, telling us to head back home. When we got to my driveway, we passed some trick or treaters, leaving the house. One of the boys I passed, was walking on the grass my dad had just planted, so I laughed at him ghoulishly, he looked scared, and at the least he was surprised, so my job was done. When we got inside the house, we only had a few minute to check out our candy, and talk, before Roxy and L had to go home. I got a good bit of candy, all considered. Almost two handfuls. I call that pretty successful. This has been the random writings of Leila. Thanks for reading!


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