It’s Not Brain Surgery; An Adventure in Pumpkin Carving

Earlier, while my dad, sister and I were in the car going home from Chick-fil-A, we passed a Walmart. This would have been completely unremarkable, except that we saw a large display of pumpkins in the outside section of the store. At first glance, my sister thought it was Lowes, and was baffled as to why Lowes would have pumpkins, but then she saw the very large blue sign above the store. We don’t go to Walmart very often. In fact, the last time I entered a Walmart was three years ago. Mom tries to avoid crowds whenever possible, so we usually just go to Target, which Vee calles ‘Walmart for snobs’.

We decided to go in, because we haven’t gotten our pumpkin yet, and we figured while we were there we could get our halloween candy and kill two birds with one stone. So we found a nice round pumpkin, of middling size, some candy, and batteries and headed home.The batteries were for our old walkie-talkies. We’re going to put one in the kitchen and one upstairs, and see what happens.

I got to carve the pumpkin, which I haven’t done in a while. Dad washed the pumpkin while I got the kitchen walkie-talkie, but after that I was left to my own devises. I got some paper and a pencil and began sketching ghosts. It seemed like a logical first step. The ghost started out as Casper the Friendly Ghost, but began to morph into a kind of mix between a Dementor and the Ghost of Christmas yet to come. I kind of liked it, so I cut it out.

Then I just sort of stared at my pumpkin hoping it would tell me what to do next. It must of worked because, the next second I remembered; I got out a large knife and examined the top of the pumpkin, deciding where to stab it. I picked a good place a few inches from the stem, and stabbed.

I was a little over enthusiastic, and the knife sunk down in the pumpkin to the handle. But with some effort, I got it out a again, and sliced an almost neat circle around the stem, and pulled it out. It made a nasty sucking noise, and came out to give me a look at the pumpkin’s brains.

It was a mass of seeds and wet orange pulp. Then came my least favorite part of pumpkin carving; I stuck my hand in and pulled out a large glop. It smelled pretty good for something that slimy. After the first couple of handfuls, I stopped minding so much and began to feel like a brain surgeon.

I made quick work of it, and soon I was scraping out the last strings. I may never get all the dried pumpkin pulp out from under my fingernails, but it was done. It was time to do the actual carving, but I began to doubt my sketch. It wasn’t actually a pattern. But I tried to forget about that. I grabbed a pen and traced the outline of my ghost on the pumpkin. It looked about right. That was when I realized; I couldn’t remember what the carving tool looked like. I settled on a skewer and a dull looking instrument which ended up being the carving tool.

I was in business. I poked a hole in the pumpkin at the top of the ghost’s head with my skewer, then made it bigger with the carving tool, and started sawing. It was strangely relaxing. Now and then the walkie-talkie would beep, and it would be my sister, talking to me, which kept me from getting bored.

I didn’t run into many problems, like I thought I would, but I did have to use sewing pins to keep the stem in place, but once the stem is in you can’t see them. I think it turned out alright. This has been the random ramblings of Leila. Thanks for reading!


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