Algebraic Equations Are About to Come Out of My Ears

For school, I have been focusing on Mandarin Chinese and Algebra. Hours have been melting into days, and days to weeks, of confusing equations and unintelligible sentences. The math isn’t very difficult, there’s just far too much of it. You know it’s gotten bad when you close your eyes and see this:

If that happens, you have something I call math brain. Go take a walk. But there’s an even worse side effect of too much math; math hair. I’ve never given much thought to the idea of math hair, but my sister brought it up a little while ago, and we both have it. 
You think I’m exaggerating? Maybe a little. But not much. It’s caused by your hand tugging at your hair in frustration, while working on a tough problem. Sorry this post has been so short, but my Algebra brain is pushing all non-math thoughts out of my head. This has been the random ramblings of Leila. Thanks for reading!

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