Yet Another New Project

Well everyone, I am back, and I have sad news. Two of my scarves, the woven scarf and the braided scarf, are no more. They have been reduced to yarn balls for the same stupid reason. I ran out of yarn and can’t find it anymore. I have a bad habit of yarn stash knitting. My definition of yarn stash knitting, is knitting a project out of yarn stash yarn, that requires more yarn than you have.I don’t really mind the loss of those two, almost half finished scarves, because after snapping some circular needles in half,

My sister and I took an overdue trip to our favorite yarn store, Only Ewe and Cotton Too. After finding a good set of Addi Turbo’s long enough to hold the five hundred stitches of my ruffled scarf, (It was a job transferring the stitches.)

I found something else to hold my attention. On the cover of a pattern book, I saw a vintage late twenties ‘flapper’ hat pattern.

I just love the styles of the twenties and early thirties, and now I now have a project lined up that I’m far more excited about than I was those scarves. It’s so adorable! I’m going to add a little brooch I found to the brim. Just to make it my own. It was made from an early thirties mold, and I think it’s lovely. In came in a package of three, but I don’t know what I’ll do with the other two. I found some yarn, as well. It’s just a neutral, brown, but the texture gives it some interest. I think it suits the pattern to a T.

I already have the needles, so I’m set. I think the only needles I don’t have are size two, and zero double pointed needle’s. I snapped all my zero’s. I’m a terror on my smaller dpn’s. I have bought at least two sets of size zero’s through the years, and I don’t have a single one left. My size two’s are just missing. I’ll probably find them in a couple of years under a couch in the basement, or in a random vase.


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