Happy Birthday, Dear Boy-in-Time-Out!

Yesterday in Cubbies we got to celebrate two birthdays. The mothers of the two birthday boys brought snack, brownies and rice crispy treats.

It was a good day for all concerned. The cutest thing about it, was the singing. No one knew who’s name went first in the song, and not everyone knew their names, so as always , the third line sounded vaguely like ‘dear mmmoombdmhmdah, happy birthday to you’. And one girl sang something that sounded like ‘happy birthday dear boy in time out, happy birthday to you’ (one of the birthday boys practically lives in the time out chair).

On the whole it went far more smoothly than last week. I went to Wednesday night supper because the mother of one of the Cubbies (One of my favorites, even though we really shouldn’t have favorites) asked me to sit with him, because she would be busy and couldn’t watch him. He is adorable, but kind of a handful. The minute I sat down, he spilt his drink all over the table. It missed his plate, but not his mother’s purse. Or anything else. He’s very talkative too, and just trying to figure out what he’s saying through mouthfuls of corn, is a full time job. After he ate, I took him to the Cubbie room, and my day began.

When we got to the room, there was a table set up with plastic food. (The main theme was serving) The kids had to ‘serve’ each other and the leaders. It was a good thought, but our group was three quarters boys, so things fell apart. One of the leaders was sitting at the table, so naturally, they put corn and bread on his head.

Shortly after the room was called to order, a little girl came in (the one who’s teeth were bashed in by her friends head) and after making her usual entrance (She’s very dramatic) her mother told me that she sucks her thumb, so her two front teeth stick out, but last weeks collision fixed one of her teeth. Now they don’t match, but at least one is where it should be.

The lesson today was on John the baptist, and one of the birthday boys was the special helper, that got to help with the felt board. He knocked it over three times. When the the leader got around to telling the Cubbies that John the baptist ate bugs and honey, a little girl next to me whispered confidently “Ms. Leila, I know why he ate bugs and honey. It’s because they didn’t have gummi bears.”

Well, I’m too hungry to think of anything else now, so I’m going to get a little lunch. This has been the random writings of Leila. Bye for now.


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