It’s Fall!

It’s finally fall! The weather changed so rapidly here. A week ago it was eighty degrees (at least I think it was a week ago. I’ve been so tired lately that the lines of time have been blurred, like really lame time travel) And this morning it was in the forties. Okay fine, it was forty nine degrees, but for someone who lives in a state that goes into screensaver mode at the sight of snow that is really cold.It seems like all I want to lately, is curl up in bed wearing wearing numerous knit scarves, socks, and hats and knit. While watching a light hearted comedy of course.

But it is the best knitting weather. So what better time to get back to all those projects I stared. Or, totally forget about them and start something new and more exciting. Obviously, I chose the later.

I love cables. I really love them. And I’ve always liked the look of a braided cable, but have never learned how. But details, shmetails. I started a braided cable scarf. I am really liking the way it looks. I tried to create the, braided hair look. I took pictures. Yeah, I know you care.

And here’s the full, ‘Repunzel’ effect. Is that how you spell Repunzel? Apparently spell check has never read a fairy tale. Stupid no-help spell check. I take that back. I love spell check.

It’s (as of right now) for my ice skating coach. I don’t know if I’ll see her again though. I was signed up for ten lessons, but after four I was told the ‘semester’ was over. I have no idea what that means. I will probably just be signed up for the next semester, but she may not be the coach anymore. Until I know, I’ll just consider the scarf hers.

As far as the other projects go, the verdict is not so good. First up to bat is, the woven scarf I was knitting for Etsy. Once again, I used old stash yarn, and, you guessed it, I ran out. I’m using a system of stripes to try to make the the switch from one green to another look purposeful, but it’s not going well.

As for Pichu, I hit a snag in the design, which slowed me down a little. I ripped out the foot, because it wasn’t accurate to the cartoon (I really wish my reasoning was less lame, but what can you do.) and sewed up the tail, but other than that all I’ve done is put a little stuffing in it and knit a few rows on the head.

The blue thing at the end of the tail, is the pipe cleaner that lines the tail. I couldn’t put in a picture of Pichu’s body, because I took the picture sideways. I rotated it in iPhoto, but when I moved it from iPhoto into this blog, it was back to normal. And frankly I’m too lazy to take another picture right now.

My other project for etsy was an intarsia quilt. I was kidding myself if I actualy thought I’d finish that one. It’s been months and I’ve knit four squares. It will never happen.

At the end of my last post, I posted this picture:

And asked you *cough* nonexistent *cough* commenters to guess what it was. Despite the lack of comments, I will tell you. It is a vine scarf:


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