The Seventh Week of Chaos

I’ve been back from Cubbies for five minutes now, decompressing. After the chaotic, screechy, and just downright loud Cubbie room I’ve been in for the past hour and a half, my peaceful pink room seems deafeningly quiet. I just LOVE it!

Today I had the most hectic time I have ever had at Cubbies. Why is it that when more than five three year olds misbehave it seems like the whole room is? I really couldn’t say, but it pretty much sums up my evening. I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard so many ‘no’s’ or ‘I won’t’s’ at a time. There was defiance, spills, and one head to head collision. Two girls were running to each other, one girl tripped and her head the other girl in the mouth.

But, the negative aside, they were still adorable. One girl wears a party dress every wednesday under her Cubbie vest. It actually works for her. She’s an adorable girl. Today she wore her fanciest yet. It looked a little like Bells yellow dress from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ but less Disney chic.

After story time, we did a little review and asked the kids to name a few things God created. At first we got the usual answers, you know animals, trees, the sky. Until one boy raised his hand and said, “And God made the trees where broccoli’s grow as leaves on trees.”

That’s about all the funny stories I have. The rest was all a chaotic blur. This has been the random writings of Leila. Thanks for tuning in!


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