Emptying The Draft Box

I realized recently that I have been writing more than I have been posting. So without further ado, I give you…. random stuff better off left unpublished that I found in my draft box;

When my birthday comes around, I make my new years resolution. I used to make them like everyone else, on New Years. But they were always cliches; Exercise more, drink more water, find out how how to get a minion, that kind of thing. They weren’t really goals for me. This year, I have two goals; be more spontaneous, and get published in Knitty magazine. 

The first one is going pretty well. So far I’ve, hmmm…. Er…. So it’s not going well, I wasn’t meant to be spontaneous. That’s just not me, I have to think everything through. So, I’m putting all my hopes on getting published in Knitty. Yep, this can’t end badly. 

And next is a random sentence;

Today I went to the orthodontist’s for a kind of modern torture known as ‘the tightening of the braces’.

The story behind that one is that I, obviously, went to the orthodontist and was going to post about it but then the pain kicked in. I didn’t do anything else that day but sit around eating popsicles. 

I try to learn at least one new thing a day, and today I learned how to tie a tie. Being a girl, I have no idea how to use this new skill. But hey, I know how to do it now. Wednesday I learned that no matter where you are, if there is a three year old present, a time out chair can always be found.
Wednesday was bring a friend night in Awana. Basically bring a friend a night is a night to, obviously, bring your friends and there is always pizza and blowups. That always means the night will be doubly hectic. Cubbies rarely bring friends, which is great news considering that just sixteen of them already seem like thirty two. It turned out pretty perfectly in that respect, because one Cubbie brought a friend and one Cubbie didn’t show up, so we still had the same number.
I don’t know about the kids, but for the leaders there wasn’t an idle moment. The kids got there around the usual time, except for the few whose moms were leaders and always come early. They played with wooden blocks until everyone got there. And by that I mean they pretended the blocks were guns and ran around shooting everyone. And I do mean everyone.
After singing the Cubbie song and saying the pledge of allegiance, they all lined up and we went down to the gym for blow-ups. They were all super excited.
I wrote this on Friday and didn’t finish it because I was really tired and couldn’t clearly remember what I did after we went to the gym because it was so crazy. This has been the random writings of Leila. Thanks for tuning in!


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