High School Football

I have been home schooled ever since I was four. I graduated High School a month ago. Friday I went to my first High School football game.

Roxy‘s dad drove Roxy and me to a local High School’s game to watch our good friend in color guard. He had to drive us because although I have graduated High School I am still too young to drive. Yeah I think that’s a little wrong too. I had a blast. We got there an hour early, parked about a half mile away so we wouldn’t have to pay and began the walk to the field.
When we got there it was pretty easy to find a seat because we were so early, so I pulled out some starbursts from my purse and we began to laugh at the people who brought butt pads. By we I really mean me, Roxy was probably humoring me.

The game started with a lot of fan fare and breaking through banners and annoying cheerleaders. Eventually I got pretty into the game, which was surprising seeing as I have never really enjoyed football before. It was easier than I thought to get caught up in the excitement of the crowd, and before I knew it I was as excited about touchdowns made by the home team as the people that go to that school. It was still a High School game though, the players weren’t very good, but it was still fun.

We were really only there for half time, when our friend was performing in color guard. She was very good, and now I finally know what color guard is. The choreography was surprisingly well thought out for the first game of the year. They can’t have had a whole lot of time to rehearse so it was pretty impressive.

But what really made the game was about halfway through, the opposing team’s band played both the Iron Man theme song and the Star Wars theme. It was pretty awesome.

One thing I did notice, was that cheerleaders seem to serve no purpose whatsoever. When they cheered they didn’t even look at the players. They weren’t really cheering for them, they were only there for the crowd but the crowd seemed keyed up enough without them.


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