When I was nine and my sister was twelve we were both involved in AWANA at our church. I was in T&T (no not the explosive, the oldest group of kids in AWANA) but Vee was an LIT or leader in training in the Cubbie room;

I thought that was brilliant. At the time, AWANA was only for kids aged three to eleven. Once you turn twelve, they kick you out and you get the choice of either going to the youth events or sitting home and twiddling your thumbs. I was nine so the youth group looked scary. The older teenagers were really cool and not inclusive. The younger teenagers (who still seemed really cool to me) were shunned. That didn’t seem like fun so I was set on becoming an LIT when I turned twelve. That did not happen. The year I turned twelve, just before I was about to sign up as an LIT, they changed the security protocol. Now you have to be fourteen to be an LIT. Predictably, I was disappointed. I went to youth events for three years on and off. I will say the first year of youth was just like I thought it would be. But eventually, the older teens left and I grew out of my wallflower stage. But still a part of me really wanted to work in AWANA.
Yesterday, being the first day of AWANA this year, it starts about when schools does. This year, I’m finally fourteen at the time of the sign up date. YAY! I am now working in the Cubbie room! Cubbies are three to four years. I had such a blast! The kids are great and I can’t wait to go back next week. Here I am looking all official in my Cubbie shirt;
This has been the random writings of Leila. Thanks for tuning in!

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