Party and Lateness

Another Fourth has come and gone with no serious injuries I know of. Well, I did hear a few fire trucks, but they’re just a part of the holiday. I think a good time was had by all. I ended up not seeing fireworks at all this year. For me, that’s not a bad thing. I don’t dislike fireworks, but I can pretty much take them or leave them. Anyway, we had dinner at a friends house. By we, I mean my family. We had chicken on the patio, and had a great time. We stayed until we no longer heard fireworks or until our parents were talked out. As we left, the smog of the fireworks filled the air, smelling of burnt barbecue and a good time, signaling the end of independence day.

Sorry I had to be so brief. It’s because I’m two days late, sorry about that. I’m trying to just give the headlines, so that I won’t have already forgotten today’s post before I start it.

Tomorrow is V’s birthday. Today her party starts. This morning we went shopping for cupcakes and to make a reservation for five at the nail salon. We came back with clothes, flowers, cupcakes, and the reservation. It was a pretty successful shopping trip, or at least it was fun. When we came back, this was my morning;


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