A Sad Lack of Red

Happy third! Or maybe Independence Eve. Well, What ever it’s called, every year around this time I face the same problem, what should I wear on the fourth? I have no red in my closet. Or rather, I have red gloves, scarves, hats, jackets, but nothing I can wear in the Summer. Except for a belt I’ve had since I was eleven. And a pair of earrings I love, but that were given to me on Christmas Eve, so I only wear in the winter. No reason, I just think of them as winter earrings, but I may end up wearing them despite my weird mental block.

Blue and white however, are no problem, so I usually end up just wearing those two colors. But not this year. This year I am determined to be very patriotic and wear all three colors. After all, I love America and for some reason, that is how we celebrate Independence Day, that and blowing things up. What a strange holiday. So back to the point, yesterday I started looking around the house trying to find red things that could possibly be used as something to wear. So far I have found three year old fuzzy yarn and my sisters red nail polish. The nail polish was a no-brainer. I painted my nails a shiny white and then painted diagonal stripes over that in red. I couldn’t decide on which way the stripes should lean, so this is how it turned out;

I like the result, but I didn’t realize how much my nails looked like peppermint candy while I was painting them, and now I kind of want to eat them. But I still remember how nail polish tastes from an unfortunate experience a few years ago, so I probably won’t eat them unless I get REALLY hungry.

Here’s what I did with the yarn:

Then, while I was at it I made these;

I had no shoes that went with my orange swimsuit so now I’m set. Except that they’re two sizes too small. I didn’t realize it until I had already finished both shoes. The red ones fit well though. I’m going to keep looking for red accessories for a while. I never have much to do on Saturday,


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