A Fuzzy Shoe

Yesterday I made these:

Flip-Flop covers. A fun way to use up novelty yarn I bought on a whim. I made them as another cover for my Switch Flops. The project started out well. They even ended up the same size as all my other covers. I was feeling pretty good about the project. When I finished knitting them it was kind of late, so I waited to find some Velcro until today. That’s when I found the bump in the road.This morning I started looking for Velcro. I knew we had some in the craft closet, I even remembered putting it there. Unfortunately all we have is the fuzzy part, which is already covering the flip-flop straps. What I needed was the scratchy part. Okay, I admit it I know nothing about Velcro. I kept on looking but all I found was more of the wrong have. The good thing about the craft closet is that it hold all the remnants of failed projects through the years. That may sound depressing, but really it’s a positive thing. I stumbled, literally, across one of V’s forgotten projects. Three pairs of flip-flops she was decorating, along with ribbon, fabric flowers, fabric glue, and for some reason thick twine in a paper bag. Problem solved. I grabbed a pair and the glue and did this:

This is the result. I would have rather used Velcro, and used them with my Switch-Flops, but this works too, I just hope they dry soon. I like the effect of the novelty yarn. The sparkly silver bits look a little like sparklers, and because its so fuzzy, they should be pretty comfortable shoes.

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