I Really Shouldn’t Listen to My Sweet-Tooth. The Rice Crispies Are Fine Though

We just got a Scoops in our area. Scoops is the best ice cream/candy store ever. It’s been in town for a little over a week and I’ve been in four times. I still don’t think I’ve seen everything. It’s that awesome. It’s also just adorable on it’s own even if it didn’t have a great selection of everything containing sugar. It’s very colorful and cutesy. And it’s good for people watching, very heavy on cute boys. By that I mean four year olds with chocolate all over their faces. So cute. I believe I just made a very compelling argument towards going there four times a week. No? I agree. It just shouldn’t happen. I hereby ban myself for two weeks. Probably

UPDATED: Candy corn and tennis do not mix. At least not when you eat a lot of candy corn. It’s just not a good idea. Mainly because a little know fact about this colorful Halloween candy, is that candy corn makers really took the Halloween theme to heart. When eaten candy corn turns into little monsters with fangs. And they love to bite. Exhibit A:

They’re more ferocious in person. I am only capable of drawing cute things. But don’t worry, I’ve been working on it.

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