This is What I’ve Been Doing With my Evening

I have always been into interior design, and sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll move around the furniture in my room. When I was younger and had especially puny muscles, I would sometimes sit on my bed and move my furniture with my mind. Like telekinesis, only slightly lamer. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to once again move my furniture around. By around five o’clock it looked like this;
I was using my bookcase as a bedside table and had a tea table, up against the wall. So I took all the books out of my bookcase and switched it with the tea table. When I moved the bookcase, I found around 5 years of dust bunnies and a lot of random junk I had pushed under there. It was my favorite game for a few days when I was younger. I would cram stuff under there and then use a wire hanger to try to get it out.
Unfortunately the hanger didn’t work on marbles and bookmarks and things like that. This is what I found;
The dust clinging to the power outlet didn’t photograph well though. When I finished cleaning that up, and putting the books back in the bookcase, I brought the pink chair sitting where I’m going to put my chaise lounge in the corner. I really like the result. Here it is;
A reading corner. Like the quilt and the stuffed animals? Yeah, I’m really mature. But they were really fun to knit. The pink monsters name is Penelope and I named the robot Peter. So that’s what I do with my evenings. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Please remember to keep all limbs in the vehicle while departing. Thank you!

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