Because Vacation Bible School is over, It’s officially summer. So I thought I’d try something to get rid of my winter skin. I have very Irish skin, it is freckly and pale. I look the same every year and don’t tan. It’s getting old. A week ago, I decided to try a spray tan. My mom gets spray tans occasionally and had some coupons. It was as good a time as ever. Because it was my first time, the lady at the counter went back to the room with me to show me what to do. She told me things like put the barrier cream on your nails, etc. So I knew what to do. She left and I started to think, “what am I doing here? Do I really need to get a spray tan? It’s pretty ridiculous.” But I went through with it anyway. After I got in the tanning shower/bed/that thing, and pressed the button, then I realized something. I really had to pee. There was no pause button. So I just kept standing there being sprayed with lotion. When the lotion phase was over I stumbled out of the booth, hurriedly put on my clothes, and ran into the nearest bathroom, which was a pain to find I tell you. After I found the bathroom and was fine again, I forgot I had only been sprayed with the lotion and not the spray, so I left. Yeah, I felt pretty stupid when I got home.

Monday, still being tired of being pale, I tried to get a tan again, I grabbed another coupon and ten dollars, which covered it last time, and went to the tanning salon. But then I found out the coupons were guest passes, and one person could only use them once. I really didn’t want to spend thirty dollars for a tan, so I went home pale. In closing I am still pale and may always be.


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