The Rents Are Back!

My parents are back from Mexico! They left on Friday and got back midnight last night. It was kind of a job interview for my Dad/a vacation. My sister and I (we still live at home, because we’re a little young to live on campus, or at least we think so) had the house to ourselves for a while. It was nice, especially because my bedroom is on top of the master bedroom, and because my parents were gone, I could dance around my bedroom at twelve o’clock at night. And I did. No one cared. I missed them of course, but we had a good time. The down sides were, well, we missed them, the roof leaked and Dad wasn’t there to take over. I spilled syrup on my computer and Mom wasn’t there to assure me that my amazing computer that I love was not going to die. All I could do was to try to fix it while crying a tiny bit. Also, cooking is annoying.
But they’re back now. They brought us souvenirs. I got some lovely jewelry that I know will be some of my signature pieces;
Have you ever tried to take a picture of your own ear? It’s a very strange thing to do. You have to twist your arm around until you finally you get your ear in the shot. I was on my computer while I took the shot, so I opened up photobooth, so I could see the view finder. The bracelet is a bangle that goes on like this;
And they also got me this cute hat;

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