Last Day of VBS

Today was the last day of Vacation Bible School. It goes by so quickly every year. Anyway, about my day. I came at my usual time, set up the room, then left to help V set up the snack room. The kids were going to decorate cupcakes. V and I filled up the water cooler, and waited for the head snack person to get the cupcakes. So I just kind of walked around while she hung out in the break room. After a while I got caught up in something at the craft room, and then I went back and forth between the craft room and the snack room until nine thirty.
At nine fifty, the first group came. Today the kids decorated bracelets. They were pretty simple and self-explanatory. Really the only speed bump was a marker problem. We had these Sharpie knock offs that were terrible. The ink didn’t last long, and the purple came out brown. The grays were also a funny color. The craft didn’t last long, as expected. When they finished we gave them their bags, so their friends could sign them. That lasted a while and turned out to be a good idea and I got to sign a few as well! It was really cute. Before they left, the class lined up at the door and we put the projects they made over the week in their bags. Then they left and we said goodbye.
The fifth grade class came immediately after the last class left. As they drew on the bracelets, we discovered more markers that didn’t work. But nothing really out of the ordinary happened. It went pretty much like the last group.
The group after the fifth grade came in sopping wet. It was water day and they were the first group to come in after the water gun/balloon/thingy time. Some of my favorite people are in that group. After I introduced the project, told the kids the markers were permanent and they shouldn’t get it on themselves, blah blah blah. A girl came up to one of my co-workers. She brought her bracelet with her, and showed him the sticker on it. It said ‘Made in China’. She told him ‘she was very disappointed in him’ and ‘it was not in the spirit of western theme VBS’ I thought it was hilarious. But maybe I’m just easily amused. That’s really the only noteworthy thing that happened with that group. We passed out the bags, they signed them, and we filled them with their crafts they left.
Next group. They came in wet, decorated bracelets, we passed out the bags, they signed them, and we filled them, they left. Next group! Same thing. It was more of a routine than the other days because it was such an easy project, if you could call it that.
After the last group left, we started taking down the decorations and cleaning up. Then it got depressing. VBS is over. *Sigh of sadness* It looked like my Sunday school room again in no time. Yeah. Depressing. But then I met up with two friends of mine and we went to the mall. So it was all good.

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