I Had to Be The Person That Tells Kids Not to Eat Candy.

Today was the second day of VBS, and things in the crafts room are beginning to go more smoothly. I came in around the same time, and found my ‘co-Sheriff’ and her mother, one of the ‘Marshals’ in the room. They were hanging up plastic streamers that looked like stable doors, in the doorway. The Marshall found them while while shopping yesterday and had decided we needed them. So, I waited out in the hallway, until they were finished and I could make an entrance.
We got started setting up once the other Marshall and the Ranger arrived. The craft today was a mission project. The kids made cards and put together bags of candy and snacks. The were going to a place in Africa, but I never heard the name very clearly. The first group was very good about not trying to sneak handfuls of the candy and it went pretty well. But the next group was a large group of fifth graders, made up of mainly boys. They finished ten minutes early and we kind of lost control of the class. One boy actually flirted with me, then tried to pick me up. Naturally, I put an end to that, but I found it kind of hilarious. About two thirds of their group leaders were teen and tween girls that spent the whole time either running around the classroom, or giggling and talking.

One girl in the class that followed, had a take out box full of silly bands in her backpack. She dumped them on the carpet and just started sorting them while other girls watched her. But some of the kids kept trying to eat the candy, until one boy flung himself dramatically in front of the candy bowl and cried out; “Don’t touch the holy candy!” I almost died laughing. It made my day, and ended the candy snitching.

The rest of the classes went on pretty much the same until the very last group (first and second grade A or B) we ran out of supplies. We had to use the preschool craft room’s left overs. The last class had to make hand print horses. they were very cute, and it kept them occupied, so in my opinion, it was a success.

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