Where Tangled Yarn Goes to Die Part 2

It’s now time for another installment of “The closet of failure”. The last post ended with the “very happy wallet thingy” It really speaks for itself so moving on. In the last basket;

Yarn! About half of my yarn stash, it’s all white, blue, yellow, and green.

Some yarn I spun! Very badly. I do like the color, but I will never knit with it. Okay, next shelf;
Nothing but a yarn winder, curly ribbon, fishing line, and other assorted trinkets, the other side, is just stationary. So, moving on;
All the knitting patterns I’ve collected and love. And on the final shelf in between my sketches and paint, is the rest of my yarn stash, and unfinished projects;
The handleless beach bag I started two summers ago, it might of been last summer… I don’t know.
This one I think is really cute! When I found it to take this picture, I decided to start making the handles;
A sweater I started three or four years ago, and has been in the closet the longest;
Actually it is a tie between the sweater and this tangle;

And possibly this thing;
Very special. An unfelted Christmas stocking;
I loathe felting. The smell of the yarn afterwards, finding a place for it to dry… I just don’t want to do it. And that’s the end!

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