Where Tangled Yarn Goes to Die Part 1

Today I thought I would explore my knitting closet. To your left, on the top shelf, on top of childhood books, random boxes and a silver tray, there is a pink pig purse with no handles.

My pig purse would have been so amazing, I would have loved it, but I was too lazy to attach handles. I even bought them. Here they are;

Yeah. That would have been awesome, I wish I had finished it. Maybe I will one day. I started it two years ago, a month before our used to be annual trip to the “Pink Pig” You know going to Pink Pig with a pink pig purse. But, moving on. The next shelf down contains old High School textbooks, and three of my knitting baskets:

In the little container there are two quilt squares, and a braid.
I’m not sure if I was going to knit the braid into the quilt, or if they are connected at all, but they are from the same yarn. It’s a mystery. In the basket next to it, is the leg of a whimsical Christmas stocking;
It has little mushroom thingies on it, and I kind of love it. Note the chipped nail. I have got to repaint that. Next is a foot long butterfly spiral scarf. I’m still working on the name.
I don’t know why I didn’t finish this scarf, because I love it. Sad. Half a hat;
It’s far to small for a normal head, so I didn’t even unravel it, I just stuffed it in a basket. What was going to be the Lock Nes Monster;
If you squint and look at it out of the corner of your eye, it kind of already does. Just picture it stuffed. With legs. Then there’s the very happy wallet-thingy with random buttons.

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