Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well, The tree’s taken down. You know that feeling that comes when the ornaments are all on the tree and it looks just wonderful? Well, the feelings just opposite of that when all the ornaments are off and the tree’s needles are everywhere. Christmas feels officially over. I know it’s never official, but it sure feels that way. Anyway, life’s pretty much back to normal.

On a more cheerful note, It’s now 2008! It will probably take months for me to start remembering to write 2008 in the heading of papers and such. I just got used to writing 2007.

I had a slumber party on new years eve. Leigh, Claire, and Lisa came. We watched the ball drop on TV, and toasted the new year with sparkling pink lemonade. We played Twister, Parcheesi (I doubt I spelled that right), and Operation. Pretty much your normal sleepover, except for it being New Years.

Taken from Sheila’s Paper World

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